Power + Endurance Session (will need Thera band or resistance bands)

Warm up: go through warm up exercises twice and do 30 seconds on each exercise.

  1. Jogging on the Spot
  2. Jumping Jacks (make sure you are touching your hands above your head and touching your pockets)
  3. Jump Rope (imagery rope in hands)
  4. Heisman
  5. 123 – 123
  6. Power Squats

On the following exercises do 12 reps – 1st round, 10 reps – 2nd round, 8 reps – 3rd round.

1st set of exercises with bands

  1. Seated Shoulder Press (can do this standing for increased resistance)
  2. Pulsing Bicep curls (holding opposite arm at 90 degrees)
  3. In + Out Abs with Tricep press up
  4. 30sec Mountain Climbers

2nd set of exercise with bands

  1. Squat Bicep curls
  2. Lateral Raises
  3. Tricep dips with heels on a chair
  4. Power Jumps

3rd set of exercises with bands

  1. Flies with bands
  2. Press Up and lift one arm to superman position
  3. High Knees + Twist for 30 sec

4th set of exercises with bands

  1. Chest Press on the Floor with Legs Raised
  2. Bent over Row + Flies
  3. Ski Abs for 30 seconds

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