Land Training Exercises For All Squads

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, we can't currently train as a team but we can continue to do our best to keep fit through our own land training exercises. Well done to those of you who have already sent in inspirational messages, updates, videos and photos of your exercise routines. Please do keep sending these in - we'll post the best in the land training hall of fame!

All the sessions below are suitable for your own home or garden.

Our Assistant Head Coach and Land Training Coach, Matt, will be filming himself doing each of these land training sessions and we will link to his videos when available to help swimmers recognise and understand each move/exercise. Please be patient - we will post each of the videos as soon as we can. In the meantime, please email any questions you have about the exercises.

Matt has also prepared the video below in which he discusses the equipment you can use for training and how to make use of things you may already have at home.

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