Mission Statement, Values and Philosophy

Eastleigh Swim Club will enable swimmers of various abilities to achieve their best.

We will combine fun and hard work in a team-building atmosphere that produces long-term success for our swimmers in the pool and in society.


Eastleigh Swim Club’s values are for swimmers, coaches and members, they underpin our philosophy:

  • Respect: For each other, for equipment and for the club.
  • Integrity: To do things right, and to do the right things.
  • Professionalism: In approach when in training, in competition or when supporting others.
  • Honesty: To review, analyse and take responsibility.
  • Ambition: To strive to achieve ones best regardless.
  • Perseverance: To take the setbacks and still strive to do ones best.


Eastleigh Swim Club has a multi-level competition program with that provides challenging, success-oriented, competitive opportunities for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

In parallel, swimmers who chose not to compete will be provided with the opportunity to develop and maximise their swimming talent.

Our emphasis is on competition with oneself, aimed at achieving, over the long run, faster times. Winning titles, medals, or trophies is secondary to the growth and improvement of individual swimmers.

Sporting behaviour is valued as highly as improved performance. Coaches work to teach swimmers to behave like champions whether they have a "good" or a "bad" swim.

Respect for officials, congratulating other competitors, encouraging teammates, determined effort, and mature attitudes are behaviours rewarded by Eastleigh Swim Club.

Swimmers are encouraged to set realistic, challenging, goals and channel efforts to achieving those goals.

Swimmers who choose not to enter in to competitions will be encouraged to maximise their potential by training hard and pushing themselves in a variety of distances and/or strokes.

Swimmers who compete are prepared and encouraged to contend in a variety of swimming events, distances and/or strokes.

Continuous improvement in the swimming performance of each individual is the primary objective of competition.

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