11 Mar 2024

Author: Matt Boyd-Wallis

Eastleigh Fun Gala Team

Saturday night saw us have our second ever Fun Gala at Places Leisure Eastleigh, against our host’s swim school. This gala is designed to be fun, in a novice style, where we have our less experienced swimmers taking part. Our swimmers came from both our own Swim School's ‘Learn to Swim’ program, as well as our Junior Squads from the competitive side of the club. The idea is to build our relationship with Places Leisure, but also to start to introduce both sets to swimmers to a fun and competitive environment, letting them see how galas and open meets are run, how they are fun and enjoyable and so help them get used to competition, overcome competitive nerves and reduce any possible future anxiety.

These events can only happen with our amazing swimmers and volunteers and I want to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone who came along and swam, those who supported from the stands and those who gave up their Saturday night and helped on poolside. Both adults and senior swimmers, from the Performance Squads and Age Group Performance, come down to poolside and helped all the young swimmers to have a great night of racing and fun.

We had the pleasure of watching some great races from all teams, demonstrations of determination, resilience, and competitive spirit. It was fantastic to see so many smiles from all sides and swimmers of all backgrounds coming together and helping each other to grow in confidence and self-belief. As mentioned, we had some really great races with tight finishes. Young swimmers from both sides, swimming competitively for the first time, with no one being overawed by the occasion.

As a Head Coach, it is really pleasing to see young swimmers coming up through the club ranks, building from our foundations. Young people willing to compete and experience the thrills, highs and lows of racing. Sport reflects life and the sooner our young people learn to cope with these emotions and understand that this is what we all experience in their lives, the better they will be to cope and deal with life’s great lessons.

It also gives me and my fellow coaches the opportunity to see our younger swimmers and how we are developing. We don’t always get the opportunity or the amount of time we would like to see these areas of the club. It is a tribute to our teachers and ‘Learn to Swim’ program, but it also gives us opportunities to develop and encourage more swimmers to enter the competitive part of the club.

Thank you everyone and keep it all going! Tell your friends and family, encourage them to look at Eastleigh Swimming Club and lets keep building upon nights like Saturday night. Well done everyone!!!



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