Below is a list of equipment that the Club stocks and a basic description of the reasons why they are used in training.

Please remember that the Club can get hold of additional equipment, see the Club Shop page.

Fins or Flippers - 
Give rapid propulsion and strengthen ankles and legs. Used in developing good butterfly technique. The legs don’t have to work quite so hard thus allowing the swimmer to develop a good arm action without tiring rapidly.

Hand Paddles - Excellent for good hand tracking underwater, and their use increases arm and shoulder strength.

Kick Boards - Held by hand, they support the arms and upper body whilst propulsion is ensured by strong leg kick.

Pull Buoys - These are gripped between the legs and ensure the buoyancy of the legs so that movement of the body comes from the action of the arms and therefore develops upper body strength.

Swimming Goggles - These are essential. Very few swimmers can train without goggles as the protect the eyes from some of the necessary chemicals in the water. They also aid good vision so necessary for tumble turns. Always have at least two pairs available.

Swimming Hats - They serve to keep your hair under control, they help to identify club swimmers, but most important of all they create less resistance with the consequence that you swim faster. Boys please note, it is not macho to swim without a hat.

Swimming Trunks and Costumes - Not shorts.