Payment Policy


All fees are taken via Direct Debit. The treasurer will send you a Direct Debit mandate within a fortnight of joining.

If you are a member in our Swim School programme, the only fee is your Monthly Swim Fee, which will be taken monthly on or just after the 1st of the month via Direct Debit. The first payment may also include fees from the previous month.

If you are a Club member then there are three fees that are needed:

  • ASA/Swim England Membership. Each swimmer in the club needs Swim England Membership. This is a mandatory requirement which allows swimmers to train and compete and includes insurance. The fee is payable every year during January, even though you may have paid in the part year, more information can be found on the Swim England website.
  • Annual Membership Fees. We have a yearly membership fee of £37, which is due by September. This fee may be reduced according to the time of year joining occurs.
  • Monthly Swim Fees. The fees will be taken monthly on or just after the 1st of the month via Direct Debit. The first payment may also include fees from the previous month.

The first Direct Debit payment after joining will include Swim England Membership fees, Annual Membership Fees and pro rata monthly squad fees for the month that you join.

Additional Fees

From time to time there may be additional fees incurred for competitions, extra training opportunities, swim camps, social activities. At these times you will be notified of the cost, will receive an invoice telling you when the payment will be due and then the payment will be taken by Direct Debit.

Terminating Your Membership

If at any point you decide to end your membership then notice must be given by the 15th of the month in order for the following calendar month's fees to be stopped. If you notify the club after the 15th of the month that you wish to end your membership then the following month's fees will be payable.

Long Term Sickness / Injury

If a swimmer knows in advance that they will be absent from training for more than a whole calendar month for reasons of injury or sickness (e.g. broken bone or operation due) they can apply to the committee to suspend their fees for this period. At the discretion of the committee the member’s monthly fees may then be suspended from the first full calendar month of the sickness until their return. (Please note that when the swimmer returns to the pool they will be liable for the full month’s fees regardless of the number of sessions attended).

The committee will confirm in writing that they have received notification of sickness / injury and the date from which the monthly fees will be suspended. Members will not be eligible for participation in this policy unless all fees (monthly, annual and Swim England) are paid up to date. The club reserves the right to ask for medical certification for illness / injury and may withdraw this policy at any time without notice.

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