Eastleigh Swim Club Transport Policy

Based on: Swim England Transport Policy, from WavePower 2016-2019 and advice sought from Swim England Legal and Safeguarding Department.

This guidance has been issued to ensure children are safe and protected from harm wherever possible. It ensures that responsible adults can minimise risks to all children at Eastleigh Swimming Club.

  • Parents and carers are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their child to and from any training session or competitive event, except when the organisation is providing transport for the team.
  • It is not the responsibility of the coach or other poolside staff to transport, or arrange transport for members to and/or from any training session, event or gala.
  • Arrangements made between parents to transport the children of other members are at the sole discretion of the parents concerned.
  • Coaches and Officers unrelated to a member under 18 years of age should not transport members alone in a car (i.e. without a second DBS checked adult) or other transport except where to fail to do so would cause the child to be placed at risk of harm (e.g. in the case of emergencies). NB/ Even if other children (including the coaches own children) are present in the car, (without a second adult, this would not constitute safe practise).
  • The club has determined (on the advice of Swim England) that Officers are defined as "adults in positions of responsibility who could be considered not to be 'impartial'; and who have been elected to their position". They particularly relate to adults who have a direct club role with the swimmers in the club. These officers include: Chair, Vice Chair, Welfare Officers and Team Managers. They do not include parents who also have roles as officials, club members or those carrying out administrative roles e.g. secretary, treasurer, time keepers, judges etc or other committee members.
  • If a committee member or club member is not in one of the above roles and is transporting their own child, they are assumed to be in a parental role and transporting other children (along with their own) is at their and the other parent's discretion (as point 2).
  • If club officers have pre-existing lift arrangements based on friendships, outside the club, at the time that they assume their role then they should notify the committee of these in writing and confirm that they have read the relevant sections of WavePower 2016-19.

This advice should be read in conjunction with the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit document: Safe sport events, activities and competitions (2017).

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