14 Oct 2021

Head Coach Report

Author: Paul Dollery

Our competitive swimmers have recently participated in the Bournemouth Level 3 competition and the first round of the Arena League. Congratulations to all swimmers, especially those for whom Bournemouth was their first ever meet. It was also great to see some new faces amongst the proud parents in the spectator areas.

The stats from these competitions are as follows:

Bournemouth Level 3 Open Meet

  • SWIMS: 254
  • PBs: 148
  • GOLD: 29
  • SILVER: 33
  • BRONZE: 22
  • MEDALS: 84
  • DQs 4
  • CLUB RECORDS: 1 - Rhyseren 200m Butterfly

Arena League Round 1 at Maidenhead

  • SWIMS: 66 (inclusive of the relay legs)
  • PBs: 44

The swimmers at both competitions showed great support for each other and plenty of good technical points to work on going forwards. I felt we need some extra work though on our starts, turns and finishes as some were still looking a bit rusty in this area, but it is great to have the swimmers back into the pool doing the face-to-face competitions again, thus bringing the best out of them after so long.

Our sixth place finish in the Arena League showed that although we had some great swims for our club and a good team support, how difficult it is to compete against the larger based clubs at this level, yet all the coaches agreed how well we had competed on the night and we were proud of the team effort.

Well done everyone!

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