Swim Fit Squad

4 sessions weekly, 5.5 hours total.

Ages 13+ years, as of 31st December during the current year.

This squad is for those swimmers who wish still to train at a high standard yet cannot commit to other squads criteria.

Swimmers will still have ambitions to train and are still hungry to achieve and improve.

Along with strength and core training, the objective is to be the best you can in the sport of swimming whilst managing your own lifestyles.

There will be a lot of quality controlled technical swimming.

Personal goal setting through your own technical training.

There will be more emphasis on a self assessment on your nutrition, homework time management and a team building.

Members of this squad will demonstrate a professional attitude expected of a swimmer at this level.

Punctuality is of strict importance with all warm ups and bloodflow completed correctly.

You will have the opportunity to enter open meets and galas if you wish to compete.

Skills Focus
  • Starts
  • Turns
  • Finishes
  • Underwater Skills
  • Streamlining
  • Drills Understanding
  • Freestyle
    • No breathing on breakout (no excuse)
    • No breathing for a minimum of the last 5m
    • Breathing bilaterally on every 3 strokes.
  • Backstroke
    • Minimum of 4 fly kicks off all starts and turns with legal turns at a race pace and the finish on your backs.
  • Breaststroke
    • Holding underwater phases with two held glides and a big down fly kick
    • Legal fast turns
  • Butterfly
    • No breathing on breakouts (no excuse)
    • Legal touches and fast turns.
Training Equipment

(All equipment should be labelled with swimmer's name and in working order)

  • Swimming Hat
  • Fins
  • Goggles X 2
  • Float
  • Pullbuoy
  • Drinks Bottle (700ml)

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