Senior Squad

  • Total Hours Per Week: 7.5hrs
  • Target Age Range: 14-18

Squad Description

This squad is for those senior swimmers who wish to train at a high standard, yet not commit to a Performance squad criterion. Swimmers will still have ambitions to achieve County qualification times and are still hungry to achieve and improve.

There is still the opportunity to do an hour of core and strength training in their land training, with the objective to be the best they can be in swimming, whilst managing their own lifestyles.

There is technical stroke development, along with understanding of pace work, stroke counting and being as efficient as possible in the water. Personal goal setting is available through technical training, race preparation and race analysis with the squad coaches.

Members of this squad are expected be Ambassadors for the Club, demonstrating the professional attitude expected of a swimmer at this level and acting as an example to swimmers in other squads, with a positive attitude. Punctuality is of strict importance with all warmups and blood flow completed correctly.

Swimmers will be targeting open meets as set out on the competitive calendar and as advised by the squad coach.

Swim England Long Term Athlete Development Plan

  • Stage 2 - Swim Skills: Building Technique
  • Stage 3 - Training to Train: Building the Engine


  • FREESTYLE - No breathing on breakout (no excuse), no breathing for a minimum of the last 5m and holding a breathing pattern best fit for you, as advised by coaches.
  • BACKSTROKE - Minimum of 4 fly kicks off all starts and turns with legal turns at a race pace and the finish on your backs.
  • BREASTSTROKE - Holding underwater phases with two held glides and a big down fly kick, legal fast turns.
  • BUTTERFLY - No breathing on breakouts (no excuse), no breathing last 5m, legal touches and fast turns.
  • Be able to swim 100m on three strokes in accordance with Swim England stroke laws.
  • Be able to swim 10 x 50m F/C @ 1:00 - 1:10.
  • Be able to kick 10 x 50 No 1 Stroke @ 1:20.
  • Swim a test set of 1 x 200m IM in 5:00.
  • To have been awarded the Competitive Start Award.
  • Have a good understanding of the use of the pace clock.
  • Possess good understanding of Swim England Stroke Laws for all strokes including Individual Medley.

Training Equipment

All equipment should be labelled with swimmer's name and in working order.

  • Swimming Hat
  • Hand Paddles
  • Fins
  • Skipping Rope
  • Snorkel
  • Goggles X 2
  • Float
  • Pullbuoy
  • Drinks Bottle (700ml)

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