30 Jul 2021

Weekend 1 - 16/0ver @ Wycombe Leisure Centre, 50m pool.
Report by Head Coach: Paul Dollery.

The first weekend of racing at Regionals (which this year has been called the 'Summer Festival of Swimming), has produced some great results for Eastleigh swimming Club.
In my career with the Club I cannot recall having so many swimmers qualify for the Regional Championships. The senior swimmers from the weekends racing achieved a 50% PB rate.

Which considering the disruption of the training over the past year is a welcome result.

I was very impressed with the swimmers ability to focus and deliver their continuous warm ups without having a coach poolside. Each swimmer focused on their individual races and demonstrated mature attitudes.

The stats are: 25 swims with 13 PBs; 11 swimmers were placed in the top 8 which would have made them finalists, however, this year there were no finals .
The top 8 placed swims were from:

  • Fraser White 3rd 100m Breast
  • Sophie Jones 4th 200m Breast
  • George White 5th 200m Fly
  • Fraser White 6th 200m IM
  • Frank Hancox 6th 100m Free
  • Felix Silvestro 6th 200m Back
  • Sophie Jones 7th 200m IM
  • Felix Silvestro 8th 100m Back
  • George White 8th 100m Fly
  • Sophie Jones 8th 100m Breast

Emily Pilton, Ellena Lewis, Victoria Brown, Josh Coventry and Zak Lanham also produced some fantastic swims. Well done and a great representation of our club from all these swimmers.


Weekend 2

Good luck to all the junior swimmers 13-15 years old heading towards K2 50m pool in Crawley this weekend.

  • Saturday girls: Millie Dixon, Phoebe Field, Maisie Latham, Alana Maddock, Rhyseren Taylor and Isobel Turner.
  • Sunday boys: Danny Birch, Aiden Boyes, Nathan Lewis, Harry Oliver and Freddie Sadler.

If you and your swimmers would like to see the results of regular training and determination there will be a live stream with audio for both days. Go to swimmeets.org to access.

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