08 Oct 2022

Author: Matt Boyd-WallisArena League

Wow what an amazing evening Eastleigh had at the Arena League in Fleet on Saturday night. We were swimming in the first round against 5 other clubs: Hart (the Host), City of Southampton, Basingstoke Blue Fins, Wycombe and finally Bracknell. All of these clubs are well seasoned competitors in this event and have a great source of swimmers and resources to pull from, with regards to providing teams for this competition.

Yet Eastleigh swimmers absolutely ‘smashed it’ recording a very impressive 5th Place and recording a total of 1 new Club Record, 19 PBs, four 1st Places, seven 2nd Places and four 3rd Places, out of 42 events. However, what I am so proud of is the absolute grit and determination of every single one of our swimmers and the team spirit and support of the team.

We had a lot of swimmers swimming in older age groups, due to our lack of senior swimmers, yet they all stepped up and took the challenge on. When we swam in our correct age groups we were just as competitive as any other club, creating some very tight races. People swimming while feeling under the weather, carrying or just getting over injuries, yet still giving their all.

Last night, like every race, is not about comparing ourselves with others. Each race you do is your race, no matter what age group you are in. This is about believing in yourselves and doing your very best each time. We all have our good and bad days, success is about taking on challenges and doing your very best. Sometimes we are rewarded with medals and trophies, but more importantly it’s about gaining Personal Bests or establishing more belief in yourself or conquering a new challenge and Eastleigh swimmers did all of that last night.

Thank you to all of you, all parents and to all the Team Managers and Coaches that supported the team last night. I am truly grateful and proud of all of you who swam last night. Arena League is about the Team and showing team and competitive spirit, having fun and doing our very best! Eastleigh did that last night, Well Done and keep it going.

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