Junior Squad

  • Total Hours Per Week: 6.5hrs
  • Target Age Range: 10-14

Squad Description

Swimmers in Junior Squad have achieved good technical ability in all four strokes and wish to develop their aerobic endurance and further develop their racing ability across all strokes and distances. Coaches help the swimmers continue to develop their technical swimming skills and stroke technique, to prepare the swimmer for movement to Development (if qualification gained) and further improve knowledge of the pace clock and to be able to check pulse accurately.

Swimmers are introduced to dry land training, e.g. the importance of stretching, and to nutritional requirements and mental preparation is included within the training program. Swimmers are encouraged by coaches to represent the Club at a range of events from Inter Club competitions and Open Meets Levels 2/3.

It is common for swimmers in this squad to have attained the necessary criteria for the Junior Performance squad but to have elected to pursue a training path with fewer hours and less focus on competitive racing. Swimmers in Junior Squad can advance to Junior Performance or Age Group Performance if they wish to do so and have achieved the entry criteria for those squads, or can elect to advance to Senior Squad when of suitable age.

Swim England Long Term Athlete Development Plan

  • Stage 2 - Swim Skills: Building Technique
  • Stage 3 - Training to Train: Building the Engine

Qualifying Criteria

  • Be able to swim a 400m FC in a swim/rest time of 8:00.
  • Be able to swim 100m on all four strokes in accordance with Swim England stroke laws.
  • Be able to swim 6 x 50m FC in a swim/rest of 1:15.
  • Be able to kick 6 x 50m on No 1 Stroke on 1:30.
  • Be able to swim 2 x 100m IM in a swim/rest of 2:15.
  • To have been awarded the Competitive Start Award or be able to qualify within 1 month of joining the squad and have passed for shallow diving.
  • To have a good understanding of the use of pace clock.
  • Possess good understanding of Swim England Stroke Laws for all strokes including Individual Medley
  • Possess good standard of technique regarding stroke and stamina.

Training Equipment

All equipment should be labelled with swimmer's name and in working order.

  • Swimming Hat
  • Fins
  • Goggles plus spare pair of goggles
  • Kickboard
  • Pullbuoy
  • Drinks Bottle (700ml)

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